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Antimicrobial sensitvity testing using disc diffusion method. The 15 mL of Muller Hinton Agar (Difco) was poured into petri dishes. The fresh culture were adjusted to 0.5 Mac Farland turbidometry and 100 μL of these samples were set on the dishes. Circular disc of 6 mm diameter were made from the Whatman no 1 filter paper. Discs

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In: 7th International Workshop on Computational Kinematics (CK), MAY, 2017, Univ Poitiers, Fundamental & Appl Sci Fac, FRANCE, pp. 323-330. Chaudhury, Arkadeep Narayan and Ghosal, Ashitava (2017) Optimum design of multi-degree-of-freedom closed-loop mechanisms and parallel manipulators for a prescribed workspace using Monte Carlo method.

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Preface. The year 2008 marks the 80th anniversary of mutation induction in plants. The application of mutation techniques, i.e. Gamma-rays and other physical and chemical mutagens, has generated a vast amount of genetic variability and has played a significant role in plant breeding and genetic studies. The widespread use of induced mutants in plant breeding programmes throughout the world has ...

Compact balanced bandpass filter using isosceles right triangular patch resonator Near-field and far-field shared structure for NFC and CNSS applications Design of miniaturised balun filter with tunable power division ratio and centre frequency Wideband balun bandpass filter with broadside-coupled microstrip/slotline resonator structure

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Oommen and Pierce studied eight lead-free ammunitions, in order to characterise the composition of the particles produced by these ammunitions (60). All of the eight ammunitions contain some combination of Al, Si, Cu and Zn, sometimes associated with specific elements such as Sr, Sn, K and/or Ba.

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Most sulfide–silicate melt partition coefficients vary as a function of fO 2, with Mo, Bi, As (±W) varying by a factor >10 over the investigated fO 2 range, Sb, Ag, Sn (±V) varying by a factor of 3–10, and Pb, Cu, Ni, Co, Au, Zn, Mn varying by a factor of 3–10. The partitioning data were used to model the behavior of Cu, Au, Ag, and Bi ...

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The digested samples after filtering with Whatman No. 42 filter paper were maintained to 50 ml using a double-distilled water and were subjected to atomic absorption spectrophotometer (Model 2130, Perkins-Elmer, Inc., Norwalk, CT, USA) for the measurement of Cd. Quality control measures were taken to assess the contamination and reliability of ...


Pb, Cu, and Zn in ambient air had low concentration compared to the standard, which were 0.500 μg/m³, 1.0000 μg/m³ and 1000 μg/m³, respectively. Generally the nearest distance of sampling site to the industrial area was indicated high levels of heavy metals.

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Book on fungicide science.

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and J .K. Tien, Center for Strategic Materials~ Henry Krumb School of. Mines, Columbia University, New York. N.Y. 10027 Although the various factors affecting the minimum creep rate and rupture I-ife of superalloys have been well documented, the subject of primary creep has received much less attention.


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Tuesday The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society welcomes you to the TECHNICAL PROGRAM for the 133rd TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition, to be held March 14–18, 2004, in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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TETENTION OF Cd, Cu, Pb AND Zn BY WOOD ASH, LIME AND FUME DUST 303 Materials and Methods MATERIALS Wood ash and other industrial by-products; wood sludge and lime, and fume dust, were tested for their ability to sorb heavy metals in a preliminary study.

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The heavy metals As, Cd, Cu, Pb, Ni and Zn, had values of 4019, 14, 35582, 70, 2603, and 261 mg/kg, respectively. When using different surfactants, high removal of Cu, Ni and Zn were found, and medium removals for Pb, As and Cd. In the case of these three metals, tap water removed more than the surfactant solutions, except for the case of As.

20145101 0.95199999999999996 14. 19971014 1.18 40. 20151166 1.528 19. 20031035 1.7470000000000001 57. 20141104 1.444 45. 19961019 1.032 40. 19951070 2.5030000000000001

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The rst group comprises Cd, V, Ni, Pb and Mn emitted from anthropogenic sources. The second group consists of Al, Fe, Cu and Cr, and is mostly present in the coarse fraction and has its origin in soil dust or mechanical abrasion processes.

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Mar 05, 2001· The principles of the present invention introduce non-realtime messaging systems (and controllers for use therewith) that are capable of converting received oral messages from callers into at least substantially equivalent text messages for transmission to subscribers thereof. This may be accomplished by processing the received oral messages using data patterns representing oral …

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tained more Fe, Zn and Mn (80.53, 45.34 and 72 mg kg-1) and the chamomiles from BM+Z had more Cu. In general, results revealed that the concentrations of Zn and Cu (39.68 and 12.99 mg kg-1) in the flowers of the conventional as well as of the organic treatments were high-er than those of Zn and Cu (16.19 and 7.87 mg kg-1) in the

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May 30, 2009· The phytoavailability of Cu and Zn was positively correlated to their water solubility (r = 0.907 and 0.825 for soybean Cu and Zn, respectively; r = 0.946 and 0.861 for lettuce Cu and Zn, respectively). Among the three metals, P amendments were effective in reducing Pb phytoavailability, compared to Cu and Zn.