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Argentium™ Sterling Silver displays a paler colour when heated. To avoid overheating the alloy, annealing and soldering operations should be carried out in a darkened area. Furnace annealing should be carried out at 1050°F/565°C for approximately 30 minutes.

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Nov 23, 2016· This alloy of sterling silver and germanium, popular in jewelry, answers the need for a lustrous sterling-silver alloy that resists tarnishing. It is about 90% pure silver. Billon. Since Roman times, billon has been used to mint coins and medals that look like silver, but which contain copper and other base metals.

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935 Argentium Silver Beads Plain Round 3mm Pack of 20 2 Hole Bead. NVQ3 D03X. These plain, shiny round beads are made from Argentium 935 Silver. Argentium is hypoallergenic with excellent tarnish resistance, durability and a bright colour that is comparable to pure silver.

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Argentium ® Sterling Silver, a registered and patented alloy developed by Peter Johns, is currently being produced by Stern Leach in the U.S. under a licensing agreement from Middlesex University, England. Argentium ® Sterling Silver is a registered trade name.

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If you don't separate your scrap, treat your refined scrap as traditional sterling silver. Which Metal Is Which? The only way to tell the difference between traditional sterling silver and Argentium sterling is to use analysis equipment. So, it's important to stay organized if you work with both silvers.

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Oct 17, 2019· You'll find another inspiring example of fused silver scraps being made into jewelry projects in Debra Hoffmaster's Homage to Collage pin. Anything goes here—it's a true scrap-reuse effort that turns a pile of leftover silver (Argentium is ideal for fusing) into a one-of-a-kind piece. The designs can be as abstract or literal as you wish.

Argentium Silver

Argentium Silver. Argentium Silver® is a rather new alloy similar to sterling silver with at least 92.5% silver content, but with a part of the alloyed copper is replaced by germanium which is a rather rare metalloid used mainly in the semiconductor industry.

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Hi, I recently purchased some argentium silver to give it a try and I'm wondering what to do with the scrap. Some of it went into my sterling scraps by mistake and I'm wondering if this will reduce the value when I bring it in to be melted down.

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Nov 23, 2016· To create a superior kind of sterling that was more resistant to wear and tarnishing, he replaced the copper that is part of sterling silver with germanium. Argentium was born. What Makes Argentium Different? Argentium alloy is typically made up of 92.5% silver and 7.5% germanium; sterling silver, in contrast, contains 93.5% silver and 6.5% copper.

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935 Argentium Silver Bezel Strip 999 Fine Silver 999 Fine Silver Round Wires 999 Fine Silver Flat Bezel Wires ... Wire Scrap Copper Scrap Brass Scrap Ring Cores Bronze Ring Cores Copper Ring Cores Sheets 999 Silver Titanium GR1 Niobium (Type 2) 925 Sterling Silver 935 Argentium Sterling Silver ...

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Nov 23, 2016· Find tips and strategies to reclaim hidden profits from your precious metal scrap., Reclaim, Recycle, and Sell your Precious Metal Scrap. Home; About Us About Us Meet Our Team Our Partners Shipping FAQ Sitemap; Industries We Serve ... argentium, silver argentium, sterling silver, silver tableware, argentium watch cases, ...

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Jan 30, 2017· This is how I cast Silver and Bronze. I use a propane melting furnace with my own custom made crucibles. Most everything else is is custom made by myself, including the fume hood you can't see ...

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The polishing and cleaning operations are of critical importance in producing a quality product. It is important to emphasis that Argentium silver alloys, because of their high degree of tarnish resistance, will in most cases be sold without having undergone a plating operation (either silver or rhodium).

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All About Argentium: From Fusing to Fold Forming ... Students may wish to bring a bit of gold scrap or wire for soldering or fusing to Argentium silver. 18K or 22K, or 24K are recommended---14K melting temp is too low. ... Your own Argentium Silver, in case you are prolific. Good gauges for microfolding AS sheet are in the range of 24 to 34 gauge.

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Dec 15, 2016· Water Casting Argentium Silver and Sterling Silver ... water casting is usually accomplished by heating a quantity of silver scrap in a crucible and pouring it directly into a bucket of water ...

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999 Fine Silver ; 935 Argentium Sterling Silver . 935 Argentium Sterling Silver Wire (Half Hard) 935 Argentium Sterling Silver Wire (Soft) 935 Argentium Silver Bezel Strip . 925 Sterling Silver . Prometheus ; Goldie Clay ; Sheets ; Clearance ; Prometheus Clays ; Silver Clay

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Silver Price Per Gram The chart displays the silver price per gram UK in GBP Sterling for the week. If you would like to see the silver prices per gram in an alternaive time frame simply select the options above to build the exact chart you want to see.

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Sterling silver*, Argentium Silver, and mixed sterling/fine silver scrap. NOTE: Must be cadmium-free. Scrap Weight . ... * Miixed fine and sterling silver scrap will be processed as sterling silver with the assumption that the batch is 92.5% pure silver. If the silver proves to be less pure than we assumed, the payout will be adjusted accordingly.

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Argentium sterling layered cuff. Elegantly simple fabrication tricks are the key to making this intricate bracelet. Carefully placed rivets let a pierced layer of Argentium sterling silver float above a textured 2 1⁄4-in. (57 mm)-wide Argentium sterling cuff. ... By weighing bits of scrap silver sheet or silver wire, you can ensure that all ...

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Sep 15, 2016· Argentium Silver and Non-Tarnish Alloys Non-tarnish alloys are relatively new to the market. Argentium is one brand of these alloys, but there are others available that are similar. These alloys contain a minimum of 92.5% silver, with some slightly higher in silver content.


Mar 26, 2012· The 935 darkened rapidly and immediately turned black. The scrap was a bit slower and went through stages of golden colors before turning black. The Pro took over twice as long to achieve the dark black as the other two did. Results were pleasing as I continue to use ALL of the scrap I have as long as I have not soldered.

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A&E Metals manufactures a large range of silver and gold wire, sheet and solder in Australia for jewellery industry and industrial applications. We also supply a range of other precious and base metals, including platinum, titanium, brass and copper.

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Hi Orchid, I finally used up the last of my de-ox sterling casting grain and bought myself a bunch of argentium shot last week when the silver price dipped, so I'm getting ready to cast argentium for the first time. I have a bunch of argentium wire scrap, can I just throw it in with the grain? What about my sprues, the second time I cast how much sprues can I add to the fresh grain and do ...

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Fusing is usually associated with fine silver or argentium silver, but you CAN fuse sterling silver, and these organic, free form creations are sterling silver fusing at its best! You will be able to incorporate gems if you so choose, but gem setting will not be a part of …

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Working with Argentium® Silver— Tips & Procedures By Cynthia Eid (revised and updated June 2010; reprinted with permission) Argentium® Silver is a patented and trademarked alloy that is at least 92.5% pure silver, just like traditional sterling.

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Argentium Silver from Cooksongold. Cooksongold continues to supply jewellery makers with quality precious metal. From yellow and white gold to platinum, palladium and silver, we now also stock quality Argentium silver sheet and wire.